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Sunday 7: STILL on My Needles

At the end of his weekly YouTube videos, Tom Daley (yes, I’m still a wee bit obsessed) answers questions posted in his comments and asks for new questions. One question I’d like to ask: Does he completely finish one knit or crochet project before he starts another? I recently went through my stash and found many unfinished projects. Here are just seven of them. (Yes, there are more!)

Seven Unfinished Knitting (& Crochet) Projects

(“Crochet” is in parenthesis because only one project is crochet—the first one shown here.)

Dallas tote bag, making progress.
Dallas tote bag

1. Dallas Tote Bag: from Lion Brand. The yarn is called “Jeans.” I love me some denim, and I love this yarn. It’s soft and stretchy. Of course, I need another bag like I need another hole in my head, but who cares? I’ve made great progress since this picture was taken, finishing the first panel Friday night. Yay!

2. Boxy T-Shirt Top: another Lion Brand project with Jeans yarn. I’ve made good progress on this, too. Took it to the auto dealership on Thursday and knitted while waiting for my car to be serviced. (Knitting is easier for me than crochet.) I also finished listening to a favorite book from Audible—a paranormal gay romance mystery. But that’s subject for another time.

The beginnings of a cute boxy sweater.
The beginnings of my boxy T-shirt sweater.
A boyfriend sweater, minus the boyfriend.
Oxford Boyfriend Sweater, minus Oxford and the boyfriend.

3. Oxford Boyfriend Sweater: yet another Lion Brand project. The yarn is called “Tape” and it’s sort of like bias tape used in sewing. (You can sort of see it in the photo.) It was all the rage a few years ago, but it’s been discontinued. I have all the pieces made and am in the process of joining them. Then I have to pick up some stitches and make the shawl collar. I can’t wait to try picking up stitches with this “yarn.” (Not!)

4. Rent Collection Shawl: from a book called Highland Knits, inspired by Starz’s Outlander series. I’ve had a bitch of a time with the short rows. Not so much the short rows themselves, but picking them up again. I got so frustrated, I took a class on short rows and made a lovely scarf, but that was a few years ago and who knows what I remember. Honestly, if I still have trouble when I pick this project up again, I may look for another pattern.

The Rent Collection Shawl inspired by Outlander.
Outlander-inspired Rent Collection Shawl
Lion Brand's Coffee Shawl Wrap.
Coffee Shop Wrap: for when we can go back to coffee shops.

5. Coffee Shop Wrap: Yep, another Lion Brand project. The wrap is quite big and I love the colors, even if they’re not the best colors for my almost Irish complexion. Not to mention, I love coffee!

6. Savoye Pullover: from the Spring 2016 Knit Scene magazine. The yarn is Rowan Cocoon, a higher end yarn that’s quite nice to work with. It was a knit-along at Ravelry, but I could never find the community. Obviously, I didn’t get very far, and I may need to unravel it (now called “frogging” because… “rip, rip”) and make a smaller size since I’ve lost some weight. The pattern features a unique (and time-consuming) method for creating the vertical stripes.

The beginnings of the Savoye Pullover.
The Savoye Pullover
An afghan knit in the round and the CUT!
Windowpane afghan—without the vertical panes yet.

7. Windowpane Afghan: we’re finally at the end! It’s from the television show Knit and Crochet Now, season 7. A few years ago I decided I’d make an afghan a year. Since then, I’ve made only one, a baby blanket/afghan I gave to my physical therapist for her daughter. This one is knitted in-the-round and then steeked. That’s a fancy term for… cutting your knitting after it’s done! Eek!

There ya’ have it. If I look further, I’ll likely find seven more projects. But I think I’ll finish these first. It’s what Tom would do. Maybe? (Tom didn’t ask for questions this week, so I won’t find out anytime soon.)

7 thoughts on “Sunday 7: STILL on My Needles”

  1. Oooh, I like that Oxford boyfriend sweater! I need to find that Jeans yarn, it looks like a good one. And, you reminded me I have an unfinished fisherman’s sweater in my ottoman. My brother has been waiting years for it!

    1. Ooh, a fisherman’s sweater! I’m impressed! I have yet to conquer cables.

      We’ll see how the boyfriend sweater turns out. After I bought the kit, they came out with other colorations, particularly a blue and white one I liked (as opposed to the taupe-ish color this is). But as I look around, I already have enough blue and white knitwear. 😊

    1. Well, thank you! Yes, the Jeans yarn is loads of fun to work with. I spoke with an old childhood friend on Sunday, and she said she too loved Jeans. I’d say it’s a winner! At least Lion Brand hasn’t discontinued it (yet).

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