Memes (Sunday 7), Yarn!

Sunday Seven Afghan Update

How about an update on the nautical flags afghan?

First: Charlie (C) is finished. It’s done in seed stitch. (Ignore the little dot in the top white stripe. It’s a stitch marker to denote the right side. Of course I photographed the wrong side! It’s Murphy’s law. But both sides are the same. It’s just that my yarn tails are woven in on the wrong side.

Nautical signal flag for Charlie (C).
Charlie – seed stitch

2. Delta (D) is also done. It’s stitch patter is diagonal garter. It was delayed because I had to buy new yellow yarn. The “lemon” color I previously bought is too light. This color is “bright yellow.”

Delta (D) square is done in diagonal garter stitch.
Delta – diagonal garter

3. Echo (E) is finished, too. It’s done in a pattern called blocks.

Echo (E) square is done in the blocks stitch.
Echo – blocks

3. Foxtrot (F) doesn’t get it’s own picture because it’s started but not done. It’s the white and red swatch at the top of the post. The white portion is in garter stitch, the red in stockinette.

4. The stitches I’ve chosen serve a purpose. 1) They add interest, and 2) they lie flat. Stockinette stitch curls at the edges, and any ribbing screws up the dimensions. There will be a couple more stitch patterns used in future squares.

5. The squares have not been blocked yet. Once they are, they’ll lie flat and be the proper dimensions.

6. The Foxtrot square is a bitch, so I’m only doing a few rows at a time. It’s not so much the intarsia (color change) that annoys me, it’s counting the number of stitches for each row. Instead of a chart to have at the ready, I have the flag mapped out on an Excel spread sheet. So I have to stop and check the numbers every few rows each row.

7. My extra yarn for the Box T-Shirt Top hasn’t arrived yet. So when I need a break from Foxtrot I’ll work on putting the Oxford Boyfriend Sweater together and then picking up stitches to knit the shawl collar. I’m not looking forward to working with the bias-tape type yarn. But I am looking forward to finishing it. And possibly even wearing it.

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