Oops, Yarn!

Calling All Crafters!


This is why I have so many unfinished yarn projects! Since this tote was item #1 on my list of unfinished projects, it’s the first project I decided to finish.

The Dallas tote from Lion Brand.
The tote as it should be.

When I arrived at the last gold stripe, I discovered I’d been working on the WRONG side of the fabric the entire time. It happened when I changed from the gold yarn back to the denim color. I’d crocheted in the wrong V of a slip-stitch, thus putting the bulk of the stripe on the wrong side of the fabric. I tried to replicate what I’d done on the previous stripes, but it was difficult and cumbersome. So I crocheted it as it was supposed to be. And this is what I ended up with on the back of the tote.

Left: tote as it currently is. Right: on the right side.

On the left is a picture of how the back currently looks. It’s actually on the wrong side. On the right is the right side of the pattern. You can see the gold stripes are different. Plus, you’ll notice the gold at the bottom of the tote is thicker in the picture to the right. And it folds more easily. That’s how I discovered I’d crocheted it inside-out.

Now for the front:

Left: Wrong side, which look right: Right: Right side, which look wrong.

The left is how the tote is suppose to look, except it’s on the wrong side and is more difficult to fold. On the right is the correct right side, except the gold rows are inside-out. Ugh.

Here’s my conundrum: I have only three rows to go, minus the trim and handle. Do I finish the tote with the adage (learned from my mother) “It’s not handmade unless there’s a mistake.” Although this mistake is pretty glaring. Or do I rip out 24 rows and do it right? I do have a preference, but I could be persuaded to do otherwise with a good enough argument.

So, here’s your chance to tell me what to do.

If you’d like to leave an explanation of your choice, just hit the reply button. If you’ve not commented here before, it won’t post immediately. But I’ll be checking back frequently to see how the poll is progressing, so your comment will post soon.

In the meantime, I shall move on to unfinished project #2, the boxy t-shirt sweater.

8 thoughts on “Calling All Crafters!”

  1. I don’t like the wording of option 3 LOL, but that’s my vote. I think the “mistake” isn’t glaring enough to make you redo all that work if you don’t want to. But if you think, as uggghhhhh as it may be to consider, that you’ll be happier if you redo it, then you should!

    Sorry. That’s not much help. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the finished tote!

    1. You are no help at all! 😛 Did you even vote? (I ask because I don’t see a “results” bar, or whatever it’s called.) I didn’t want to vote for MY preference in order to not sway voters (of which you may be the only one. If even that.) 😒

        1. Ha! Since I couldn’t see how the voting was going, I voted too. Turns out the only people who didn’t choose #1 (keep it as it is) were you and me. 😆

          Unfortunately, I didn’t wait around for votes and started unraveling the thing, but only 11 rows. Even knowing which side to work, I still got the same result as the first time. Trying to change it was excruciatingly hard, and I don’t think the pattern was intended as such. So I go with what I have.

          It’s all okay, though. I found an Audible version of Captive Prince, a book and series I adore. So now I have an excuse to crochet while I listen. (And thus do no housework. 😉)

  2. It’s great that you have the skills and the desire to make something — so what if it isn’t exactly as designed? The joy of finishing will mean more to you than the stress of re-crocheting. Thanks for asking my opinion, in any case!

    1. Thanks, Teresa. (Is this the Teresa that I know and love??) Turns out I didn’t wait for the poll and unraveled part of the tote (but not as much as I’d planned). The great news is that this time all the stripes matched up and the tote is now finished! I’ll post a picture soon. Even if you’re not the Teresa I know and love, thanks so much for stopping by. It means a lot to me.

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