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The tote is done! I announced it last week on my Instagram and half of my followers liked it! (I have only two followers, one of whom I think forgot she even has an Instagram account.)

As you can see from the photo, I fixed the stripe situation. I unraveled only about 10 rows (vice the planned 24) . When I got to the top stripe this time, the they aligned properly. I have no idea what I did differently, so, sadly, I cannot learn from my mistake.

The Dallas tote is finished!
(Not sure what the purpose of this “rounded” pic style is, but WordPress gave me the choice, so I used it.)

The hardest part was the “finishing.” Partly because I am a chronic non-finisher, but mostly because there was quite a bit to do. Since a lot of stress would be put on the side seams, I wanted to make sure they were sturdy. After much YouTube research, I joined them with a crochet single stitch seam (which I’d never done before). Then I had to tack the bottom corners to create a semblance of a base. Next came attaching the strap. Then came pleating the bag around the base of the straps. The final step was weaving in all the ends. But it’s done! Yay! One down, six (or 13 or ??) to go.

(Thank you Prince’s Gambit audiobook for thoroughly entertaining me throughout this process.)

A knitted skinny tie.
Voila, indeed!

Sidestep: In the glow of actually finishing a project, I chanced upon a tie I’d knitted a few years ago but hadn’t “finished”(i.e., woven in the loose ends). The tie was to be for my math teacher nephew, but he’s no longer teaching and thus has no need for ties, not even a super-casual one. Nor does his brother, who works from home (mostly) in web development. But who says ties are only for men? Not me! Why couldn’t I wear it as a sort of skinny scarf? So, I wove those ends in. And voila!

Back to the tote: When I took the tote for a spin around town I realized the inside is just one big hole, and worried what would happen if my keys met my cell phone? So, I made a little cell phone cozy using left over yarn. The yarn is Red Heart’s SuperSaver, and I think the colorway is called “Americana” (likely discontinued). Obviously, it’s a red, white and blue self-striping yarn. Surprisingly, this is how the colors worked out! No yarn gymnastics needed!

Turns out the end result looks more Britannica than Americana. But what the heck. Since my fascination with Tom Daley has not yet abated, it seems appropriate. After all, Tom is obsessed with the Union Jack and his sofa is shown at the top of this post. No, I’m NOT joking! This really is his sofa! It’s famous!

Header photo © 2021 Charles Hosea for Evening Standard

3 thoughts on “Ta-Daa!”

  1. It looks awesome! I would love to carry that, if I ever carried anything resembling a purse. LOL The phone cozy was a smart idea and looks great, too. And the tie is adorable.

    Now 2/3 of your followers have liked the post on Instagram. 😉

    1. Wow! A 50% increase in followers! Thanks! 😁

      Yeah, the bow sets the cozy apart. I’ll probably make another one once I find the blue yarn I’ve misplaced. D’oh!

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