Christmas Crocheting Gone Awry, Part 2

It’s a 67% bust.

Project #2: Cat Chistmas Stocking

The fin makes it 3-D.

A Christmas stocking in the shape of a cat’s paw. You know it’s a cat’s paw, vice a dog’s because it includes a 3-D fish and not a 2-D bone.

I’ve been wanting to make this project for years, but the first row required a skill I didn’t have: crocheting around the foundation chain. My Dallas tote bag included this technique. So once I took the time to actually learn it, I was able to begin the stocking. It’s pretty damned cute.

{Too bad my cat Remmy doesn’t deserve a stocking. He’s an anxious, high-strung fellow, and not at all affectionate. Except at bedtime when I’m trying to read. That’s when he’s affectionate needy and keeps nudging my book/Kindle away.)

Faux fireplace waiting for stockings

It’s finished and hanging on my faux fireplace. That’s a shelf with flameless candles—and a gingham reindeer. I bought the reindeer this year so I could make extra cute little scarves for her*. Haven’t even started those.

*The reindeer is female because I just learned that it’s the females who keep their antlers. Males lose their antlers during mating season. Yes, when they’re fighting each other for the females.

Project #2: Santa Gnome Armirigumi

I was making decent progress, but just like my Easy Knit Boxy T-shirt, I ran out of yarn. This problem is disconcerting, especially since my gauge (tension) is always in line with the pattern. So I had to stop and order more yarn. And of course, I couldn’t justify the shipping charges on one ball of yarn, so I ordered two more projects, another afghan to practice cable stitches, and, um… the “Aksan Sheepskin,” which defies explanation. I ordered it because I want to practice with textured yarn, which I’ve had difficulty with in the past.

The elf is too big for the shelf

The problem turned out to be “operator error.” I was using a crochet hook two sizes larger than what the pattern called for. I’ve finished the body, hat, and nose. I started working on one leg but stopped for a couple reasons. I was trying to figure out a particular technique and the designer’s website was so full of ads, it gummed up the computer.

I could have unraveled the whole thing and started over, but I’ve decided to keep him as is. Next year his little, normal-sized brother can join him.

So it’s not done either.

Project #3: Not-Crochet Christmas Sweater

Oh dear.

The main reason I dropped the gnome is that a Christmas sweater knit kit arrived, and I wanted to complete it before the Big Day. Unfortunately, the sleeves are way too long—as in they extend beyond my hands, and I have long arms! I blame it on the tape measure. (Or maybe it was my annual Christmas Scotch I’ve been indulging in .) I can take out a few of the sleeves’ rows to make it acceptable, and then sew the pieces together. But now that Christmas has passed, I’m not really in the mood. I might even unravel the whole thing and redo it in a smaller size. We’ll see.

So what am I working on now? The Advent CALendar blanket! I’m only 26 days behind!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Crocheting Gone Awry, Part 2”

    1. Thanks. One of the knitting experts on YouTube says one mistake knitters make is criticizing their own work. That’s a good goal to work towards in 2022!

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