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Gifts Not Required!

Having decided to visit the website after a long absence, I noticed I began this blog in 2013. That means it’s been ten years of haphazard posting with no real goal in mind. Then again, this is my personal blog. I’m not trying to sell anything or influence anyone. So what if I have only one regular reader? She’s a great one!

Ten years! It’s the aluminum or tin anniversary, Both are malleable metals, symbolizing the flexibility needed to last 10 years. Granted, that refers to marriage (because heaven forbid anyone be single in our couples-oriented society), but I think it can symbolize anything in life. After all, I’ve started several blogs over the years, only to eventually abandon them. Having lasted 10 years (including at least one with 0 posts) means I’m not trying to make this one perfect. It shows all its flaws.

It’s a good time to update the design. And yes, it took me a couple of hours to decide on a theme, which took away from the hours it takes for me to write a blog post worthy of publishing. And I’m still not entirely happy with it. But it will do for now.

While gifts aren’t required, you take a look at some ideas here. I already have a cocktail shaker, so you can skip that. And after 45 years, my pierced ears started reacting to the posts. I had to give up wearing earrings (which breaks my heart) and the holes have closed, So you needn’t worry about the diamond studs. (You all realize I’m facetious here, right?)

My goal for the rest of 2023 is to post at least once a month. A couple years ago I made a goal to write for at least an hour a day. But with my screenplay and book reviews at Goodreads (it takes at least an hour to get a review in a publishable state), I didn’t have time for the blog. But the screenplay is finished and my blog-writing time may be opening up. And with 15 draft posts on my WordPress dashboard, I’ll not have to look far for ideas.

As for my other passion, I’ll be updating my yarn saga. I’ve actually finished a couple of projects (including two afghan). And all of my navy signal flag squares are done! Although I may need to rework India, I’m moving on to the finishing phase. (That’s always the least fun part of any project because it’s sewing and not knitting.)

Oh, and if you like the aluminum ring dish shown above, you can buy (and customize!) it here.

3 thoughts on “Gifts Not Required!”

    1. And your snark love is appreciated!

      And hey, don’t apologize for being late. Look at me. Nothing at all in 2022! I might even have something to say about that… in my draft posts.

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