Not Fair!

While British diving champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley was knitting this:

Tom Daley's Team GB cardigan
Tom’s Team GB cardigan

and this:

Tom's doggie sweater for a friend
Tom’s doggie sweater (for a friend)

and this:

Tom’s cozy to keep his Olympic Gold Medal from getting scratched. Clever!

I was knitting these:

Fuck 2020 (and some of 2021 for that matter)


Tom has been knitting (and crocheting) for about a year and a half. I’ve been knitting, off and on for 50+ years (crocheting for a bit less). Tom is a world-class athlete who spends his days training, parenting (and husbanding), cooking for his family, writing books, and creating and editing content for his very popular YouTube channel. Not to mention tending to plants and fish (and frogs?). When does he have time to knit?

How does he do all that when I can’t even get my dishes washed every day? Oh yeah. He’s well-disciplined and driven. At least he’s motivated me to pick up my knitting needles and crochet hooks again.

So, thanks, Tom! 💜

[Top three four photos © 2021 Made with Love by Tom Daley ]

3 thoughts on “Not Fair!

  1. Yeah, he’s pretty impressive. 🙂 My daughter is a fan. Of course, he does use his down time on the sidelines between events to great effectiveness!

    The stuff you knit/crochet is beautiful, too. 🙂

    1. Of course, she’s a fan—you’d have to be dead to not be. He’s adorable.

      There’s not really anything terribly “beautiful” about a washcloth, but thanks for the kind words. 😄

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