A Mega-Clowder of Cats

Mildly frustrated with my experiences at the Arlington and Alexandria animal shelters (emphasis on mildly), I did a Google search for cat rescue organizations in the area.  It came back with Fancy Cats and King Street Cats, two organizations I’ve heard of.  A friend had adopted two adorable cats from Fancy Cats a while back.  A neighbor has volunteered with King Street Cats, located just down the road from me.  (There’s also Tails High, which I found from a pet rescue website; and FOHA, Friends of Homeless Animals, which someone recently mentioned.)

I looked through Fancy Cats and found a few cats I might be interested in.  When I emailed them asking about seeing some cats, they replied that I should fill out their online application form.  So I did.  I then received an email asking to elaborate on a few of my responses, mainly having to do with why I’d surrender a cat, but also how my current cat would respond.  I replied once again, only to get a damn phone from them this afternoon, expressing even more reservations.  These had to do with Shadow and his litter habits.  They decided (sight unseen) that Shadow didn’t like to share his litter box and that a new cat would smell his outside-the-box mess and mess there, too.

What the hell?  Forget that I have more than one litter box, so Shadow wouldn’t have to share.  Forget that I’d cleaned and scrubbed the poop-spots with Ajax and Resolve specifically to get rid of the smell.  Or that cats generally prefer the litter box to elsewhere.  Or that the veterinarian said Shadow likely had a food allergy, which might have contributed to the problem.  Apparently they know better than the vet.

Since they were being such shits, I told them to just tear up my application.  The young woman responded (surprisingly cheerily) “Ok.”

No wonder this organization has thirty-nine fucking pages of adoptable cats.   At 10 cats per page, that’s 390 cats!  Maybe if they weren’t so persnickety they wouldn’t have so many cats.  By comparison, King Street Cats has 48 available cats, Arlington shelter has 27, Alexandria shelter has about 25.  And while FOHA has whopping 91 cats available, it’s 76% less than 390!

This may be the universe’s way of telling me not to adopt.  I’m listening, but not very attentively.  I did visit King Street Cats this afternoon, although I didn’t come home with a cat.  Some of the cats I’m interested in weren’t there, a few others had health issues that need to be cleared up first.  But I am going to volunteer with them, so I should be able to get an inside track.

7 thoughts on “A Mega-Clowder of Cats

  1. I feel you!

    Two of the organizations we’ve looked at for dogs make you jump through tons of hoops and do a home visit before you can even arrange to LOOK at a pet. I listen to a sports podcast from Massachusetts and one of the guys wanted to get a puppy. He wanted to rescue one, but they gave his family such a hard time they ended up going to a breeder.

    I told my husband you need to come up here. The Humane Society has tons of cats right now. I fell in love with one and would have brought her home if it were just me. They ask the same questions at the HS, and when we got our first cat there was a couple they were not allowing to adopt right away because their last dog had been hit by a car and killed. So they vet adopters, but they aren’t ridiculous about it.

    1. When I adopted Gigi, the Alexandria shelter did home visits, but I had already picked her out. I don’t think they do any more because of time and resources. I adopted Kimmi from the Arlington shelter (partly because it was on my way home from work). They were a bit more relaxed, just keen on getting her spade when the time was right. Now they do it at the shelter when the kittens are about 2 months old!

      What a shame about the guy going to a breeder to get a dog. *shakes head*

      I agree, some vetting needs to be done, but they seem to go overboard. The King Street Cats crew seemed pretty good, though. They even ask that you return the cat if it’s not a good fit.

      So, does this mean you’re not getting a dog?

  2. Are you kidding? Almost 400 cats? Holy cow! And the three you posted are so pretty! I especially like the looks of Lilith.

    If you lived in this neck of the woods, my Dad would gladly let you pick from the kittens he has on the farm. 🙂

    1. Oh, you just like Lilith’s name. 😎 Just posting their pictures makes me a little sad none of them can come live with me. But there are lots of others, I just have to find the right one (or 2).

      My mom’s parents lived on a farm and one Christmas we took one of the kittens home. He was a buff tabby and bigger than our dog (who was just a smidge larger than a Chihuahua).

      1. Actually, I really like her coloring. That buff coloring is so pretty, and not very common. The name is a bonus. 🙂

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