Found on My Kitchen Table

The welcome sign on my "welcome cat" broke.

Clearing things out always offers a surprise or two.  Having washed the dishes and put away the laundry this morning, I decided to spend a little time clearing off the kitchen table.  Here’s what I found:

  1. The drip tray to a large, round George Forman grill (which also bakes) I no longer use.  I immediately put the grill and all its accoutrements in the Goodwill box without feeling guilty that it wasn’t complete.
  2. An upside down salt shaker.  Who the hell did that?  No, the holes weren’t covered with tape, so a pile of salt spilled out when I turned it over.  Fortunately, it was sitting on a ceramic tray and was easy to clean up.  It was nice to see the tray again.  It’s very colorful and cute.
  3. The pump to a bath and shower gel I’d been looking for.  I’d thought I’d found the pump, but this one is 1) black instead of white, which coordinates goes with the decorative bottle, and 2) is shorter and more likely fits the squat, round bottle.
  4. Krazy Glue!  Two bottles!  Now I could fix my resin Welcome Cat sitting outside my door.  The “welcome sign broke some time ago.  I was able to fix it with Krazy Glue, but when my neighbor moved out-  😥  -it got broken again.  After failing several times with bottle #1, I tried bottle #2.  No love there, either.  So I ended up slipping the chain onto one of the cat’s wire whiskers.  Actually, it doesn’t look that bad.
At least the welcome sign is horizontal now.

Hmm, I see I need to straighten Mr. Whiskers around.

(The metal black and white sculpture belongs to my Boston terrier-loving neighbor.  She kindly left her Welcome Dog when she moved.  Since she’s renting her place, she comes back now and then.)

Actually it’s been quite a morning in the kitchen. I decided to make pancakes this morning, with disastrous results.  First I turned on the wrong (small) burner, but put the pan with pancake batter on the large burner.  I then I tried to put the large pan on the small burner, but only one (of three) pancakes browned—the one directly over the burner.  Then, back on the large burner, one of the pancakes flipped out of the pan and directly onto the burner.  (And the cleaning peeps were here just yesterday!)  I salvaged the pancake, but it was quite sad looking.  And I had to use yet another large (back) burner, since the first one had pancake batter all over it.

After all that,  the pancakes really didn’t taste very good, possibly because the batter sat in the pan for several minutes before getting hot.  Or maybe it was because I couldn’t find my favorite syrup (Hungry Jack lite) in the grocery store and had to settle for Mrs. Butterworth’s lite.  Except that I picked up the wrong bottle and bought the not-lite kind.

Just one of those days.

4 thoughts on “Found on My Kitchen Table”

  1. Wow. That’s quite a full kitchen table that hides a Foreman grill drip tray. 😉 Had to feel so good to find that stuff!

    The cat looks awesome. 🙂

    Booo on the pancakes, but LOL! I hope you get to try again soon, more successfully. Or just go to Cracker Barrel or something. 🙂

    1. Actually, the drip tray was on a shelf unit next to the table. But the grill was on the table, so I counted it.

      Heh, the Washington DC area is much too highbrow for a Cracker Barrel The nearest one is about 30 miles south on I-95. But we do have IHOPs. Besides, I already have half the pancake batter in the fridge for tomorrow or Sat.

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