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Shadow’s Lucky Day

Shadow loves to sleep on his back with his belly exposed.
Shadow in his favorite sleeping pose.

Yesterday was a good day for Shadow; not so good for me.

I visited the Alexandria Animal Shelter in the afternoon to meet Roger and Ivory, a 12-year-old brother and sister pair of cats I’ve had my eye on.  They’re said to be two of the sweetest cats ever.  Sadly, Ivory hissed at me.  It was so unlike her, the staff volunteer was shocked.  She may have smelled Shadow on me, which means it probably wouldn’t have boded well to bring her home.

Update  (I wrote the bulk of the post yesterday [Sat]):  It looks like Roger and Ivory were adopted!  The shelter posted that 14 animals had found “forever homes” yesterday, along with 15 on July 3rd!

I then visited the Arlington shelter to meet Astrid, only to be about an hour too late.  She was in her “condo,” but there was quite a crowd in the kitten room.  So I asked about her at the front desk.  A couple right in front of me were in the process of adopting her.  I mentioned she’d been returned and the young woman replied (without looking at me), that she wouldn’t be returning this time.  When they took her out, I tried to pet her a little and bond with the couple, but they were having none of it.  While I’m happy Astrid has found a home, I was surprised at how bummed I was.  I looked at some of the other available cats, but didn’t get the chance to meet any of them since the staff was too busy.   Besides, my heart really wasn’t in it.

I’ll return to the Alexandria shelter on Monday or Tuesday, when it’s quieter.  I need to license Shadow (now that he’s had his rabies shot), and will check out some other cats.  I’m particularly interested in Piper, a 2-year-old tortoiseshell, who’s been at the shelter longer than any other cat, and Emily, a 2½ year old buff and orange tabby, who seemed particularly interested in me yesterday.

Gigi would often tuck her head into her body with sleeping—or being cute.
Gigi in her cutest sleeping pose.

Torities are not known to get along with other cats, but Brandy*, my parents (and for a while my) long-haired tortie, lived peaceable with other cats in her later years.  Gigi was a “buffy tab” (who, incidentally, came from the Alexandria shelter) and had the sweetest personality.  And Britta*, my polydactyl orange tabby who moved from Newport, RI, with me in the mid’80’s, was quite the fabulous cat.  I called her “superpuss,” because she was damned smart.

I’m not sure I’ll return to the Arlington shelter.  Their adoption fees are quite steep, and my experience there wasn’t the happiest.

*Pictures of Brandy and Britta aren’t currently available as they lived prior to age of digital cameras.

5 thoughts on “Shadow’s Lucky Day”

  1. I’m sure going on a quieter day will help. The cats will be less stressed and give you a better idea of their personalities. Good luck finding your next furry friend!

  2. I’m sad for you, and annoyed at that mean couple. But it only means the cat you’re meant to have isn’t available yet. It will work out beautifully, I’m sure!

    We’re going to look at dogs tomorrow. My husband and Number Two really really really want one, so we’ll see how it goes.

    1. The couple wasn’t “mean” per se, just too wrapped up in themselves (a very common trait in this area, maybe everywhere). I’m finding that the older I get, the more invisible I am. It’s sad and a little frustrating.

      A dog? Oh boy! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! I love dogs, too, and always said I’d get one when I retired, and when Gigi and Kimmi were gone. Perhaps I’m just not ready to make that commitment yet.

      1. Yeah, it’s not a commitment I’m ready for, either. LOL It’s nice not to have to pick up the yard and worry about getting home before they have an accident or paying a petsitter and on and on. Dogs are SO MUCH MORE WORK than cats! LOL

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