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Sunday Seven: Game Off

Tywin Lannister is a formidable presence.
Worst. Father. Ever. Happy Father’s Day!

Game of Thrones is over for another season, and millions of epic fantasy geeks are counting down the days ’til season 4.  I have a like-hate relationship with the show; watching mostly because I want to know what people are talking about.  But I don’t think it deserves as many accolades as it receives.  Here’s why…

Seven Reasons Why (I Think) Game of Thrones Is Overrated
(ok, maybe just this season)
  1. Too many story lines.  What started as basically two separate but related tales (Stark/Lannister/Baratheon vs. Targaryen) has exploded into… I’ve lost count.  New families have been thrown into the mix, the Starks now have four separate story lines (well, maybe just 3 now).  With the Greyjoys and the Brotherhood Without Banners thrown in for good measure.  And I’m sure I’ve missed some.  Oh yeah, the Night’s Watch.  And there was more than one story line for them this year.
  2. The good guys never win.  Or, as someone on the message boards said, “It sucks to be a Stark.”
  3. Lack of forward plot movement #1:  No one’s closer to the throne. Daenerys Targaryen has raised an army, razed some cities, and freed some slaves.  But she’s made no move towards Kings Landing.  (Ok, maybe she’s waiting for the dragons to mature.)  Stannis Baratheon may be physically closer to the throne, but he’s still an “also ran.”  And Robb Stark?  Well, it sucks to be him.
  4. Lack of forward plot movement #2:   Joffrey is still alive.
  5. Torture is not entertainment.
  6. S-l-o-w (or no) progress.  The Night’s Watch spent two seasons north of the Wall.  Jaime and Brienne spent 1½ seasons getting to Kings Landing.  Bran Stark spent all season to get to the Wall.  And Arya Stark spent all season getting… nowhere.
  7. Because it can’t be said enough, torture is NOT entertainment.

Disagree?  I’d like to hear what you love about the series!

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