Supernatural: ‘Playthings’ of ‘the Titans’

Ordinarily, my 2nd Supernatural review-of-the-week would have been posted on Saturday, but last Saturday was the Ides of June. And yesterday was Sunday Seven.  So here we go on Monday.

Playthings (211)

This episode gets 4 stars“Playthings” is one of my favorite episodes from season 2.   Halfway through watching it for the first time, I remember thinking I had no idea what was causing the killings.  I like it when this show keeps me guessing.

Sam rescues Tyler, a young girl, from drowning.
Season 2’s money shot, this time with Sam (Jared Padalecki)

Upon rewatching, I’m even more impressed.  The writing is excellent.  The camera work, innovative.  The music. extra spooky.  Everything set the mood perfectly.  Perhaps not 5 star-worthy, but I’d give it an extra half star if I did such things.

What was to love?  The gorgeous, huge dollhouse; season 2’s “money shot” of Sam saving the little girl; drunken Sam telling Dean “You’re bossy.  And short.”  Dean calling Sam “Sasquatch.”  And then Dean’s anguish after putting drunk Sam to bed. Pretty darned entertaining.

Dean gives a hungover Sam a hard time.
Big brothers = big pains in the ass: Dean gives hungover Sam no slack.

– Written by Matt Witten; directed by Charles Beeson
– IMDB rating 8.4 (out of 10); TV.com 8.7 (out of 10)

Remember the Titans (816)

This episode gets 3 stars.I’ve been going back and forth on rating this episode.  I was going to give it 3 stars because I wasn’t excited enough to watch it Friday night.  But its heart and sympathetic characters were just about to bump it up to 4 stars, when “dragon penis” graced my ears.  So 3 stars it is.

Just a couple things to add to my initial review:

Artemis aims her bow and arrow as the Winchesters look on.
Ready, aim…”Fire!” (Pun sort of intended)

I’ve loved season 8, but I swear, Dean and Sam have made more stupid mistakes this year than all  other years combined.  Stupid mistake #236:  Dean was standing this >< close to Zeus with the lightning-enhanced wooden stake in his hand.  But rather than stab Zeus (and thereby [probably] breaking the curse), he decided walking away was the answer.  Then again, if Zeus had died at that moment, we might have had to sit through 20 minutes of commercials.

And because Greek mythology fascinates me, here’s a longer version of the History of Fire:  Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus created all animals, giving each one characteristics for survival (swiftness, flight, tough skin, etc.). But by the time he got around to creating humans, he’d run out of special gifts to bestow.  So Prometheus stole fire, which became man’s “special talent.”  Not only did it provide light and warmth, but also allowed us to make weapons for subduing the animals, tools for agriculture, coinage to encourage trade… The list goes on and on.  Pretty impressive.  So, thank you, Prometheus.

– Written by Daniel Loflin; directed by Steve Boyum
– TV Fanatic fan rating 4.0 (out of 5); IMDB rating 7.8; TV.com 8.6

[Top two screencaps from Oxoniensis Screencaps; bottom photo credit the CW]

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