Romeo eyes the mitts named after him.
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I Haz Pikturz!

Here ya’ go!  I downloaded Paint Shop Pro 2019 this weekend.  I went with the full version vice the upgrade since 1) the old PSP isn’t on this computer and 2) it wasn’t much more expensive.  And it’s still cheaper than Photoshop Elements.  Maybe Ps Elements is better, but I have years of experience with PSP.  Not so much with Ps, even less with Ps Elements.

Romeo doesn't care for his namesake mitts.
A hand pat and some sun. LIfe is good.

The photos were taken a couple of years ago, back when I was actively knitting and was regularly on Ravelry.  The pattern is called Mitts for Romeo—because it gets cold waiting on the balconey for your Romeo to show up. With a name like that, I had to make them!  And of course, I had to include Romeo in the picture.  He wasn’t all that excited about it.

Incidentally, I can  find only one of the mitts now.  And Michaels no longer carries (or makes, since it’s a Michaels brand) this type of yarn anymore.  Although I do believe I have an extra skein… somewhere.

5 thoughts on “I Haz Pikturz!”

    1. Emphasis on mitt—singular. 😦

      Romeo isn’t quite as beautiful these days. He has diabetes (doing VERY well on [expensive] insulin and a skin condition. We went to the vet yesterday. He was sooooo NOT happy. Growled (which he’s never done before) the whole time. And then peed when they gave him a pedicure. It was a stressful day for him. But he seems to have forgiven me.

          1. Oh, no, I’m so sorry. So many of my friends have gone through that this week! 😦

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