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Calling All David Tennant Fans

Yes, Suzanne, I’m looking at you!  :mrgreen:

3. Another Thing I Learned from Twitter

Cressida Cowell retweeted a notice from David Tennant ForumsCressida Cowell has a new book in her How to Train Yor Dragon series.  After seeing the above tweet and the accompanying trailer (voiced by David Tennant), I rushed to Amazon to purchase the final installment of the adventures of 14-year-old Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and his Common or Garden dragon Toothless, only to find this isn’t the final book.  Rather, it’s a compendium of dragon species, drawn from Hiccup’s boyhood notebook.

Way to psych the public out, guys!  Which leads me to one of this posts alternate titles:

False Advertising!

The book is titled The Complete Book of Dragons in the U.S., although its real title (in the U.K. and possibly the rest of the world) is The Incomplete Book of Dragons.  What??  Do publishers think we Americans can’t understand Cressida Cowell’s delightfully silly humor?  That they have to dumb down the title for us?  (As they did with the first Harry Potter book?)

Which leads me to yet another alternate post title:

Stupid Americans!

The U.S. version of the book also has a different cover, and I’m Furious!  (Pun intended.)  It’s a black (or dark brown) shield with red curlicues on a mustardy-yellow background featuring several different types of dragons.  At least it includes the Windwalker, book!Hiccup’s wonderful riding dragon, and the Deadly Shadow, the dragon that told us the bittersweet history of Fishlegs.  (I truly believe both these dragons were inspired by the movie, which makes me love them even more.)

The U.K. cover features the dragon Furious, leader of the dragon rebellion.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him in color and he’s beautiful.  Well, except for the fact that he wants to destroy all of mankind in general, and Hiccup in particular.

Dammint, I feel cheated!

4.  And Let’s Not Forget

Only two days until How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens!
Only two more days until How to Train Your Dragon opens in theaters! Unless you’re lucky enough to get tickets to the Thursday pre-opening. 😉


5.  And One More Thing I Learned from Twitter

Charlie White got engaged.  Aww.

[Both book covers © 2014 Cressida Cowell ]

5 thoughts on “Calling All David Tennant Fans”

  1. You’re probably going to be aghast at this, but I have yet to see the first movie. 😛 I have seen him read “How High Is the Sky?” on YouTube, though, which is absolutely adorable This week’s Tennant fix will be in the form of a legal drama(of all things), on public tv.

    1. Shame on you for not seeing HTTYD! Even after I told you to! You’re just like my best friend, never following my advice. 😉

      David Tennant has a very strong connection with the HTTYD franchise. He’s read nearly all the books for “books on tape,” had a very small role in the movie, and actually came back to voice the character for two episodes of DreamWorks Dragons. (He’s Snotlout’s father. Oh wait, you haven’t seen the move so you don’t who that is. *sigh*)

      So what’s on public tv this coming week?

      1. The Escape Artist is what’s on Sunday evening. The first part, anyway. The second part is the following Sunday. Also on Sunday, BBC America is re-airing the first three episodes of The Real History of Science Fiction, which David contributed to.

        1. Harmph! We’re not getting The Escape Artist here. Either a repeat of Endeavor (Masterpiece Mystery) on MPT (Maryland Public TV) or a Pete Seeger tribute on WETA. I’ve seen the former, not interested in the latter. But I did set the DVR for the BBCA shows. Thanks for the heads up!

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