Things I’ve Learned from Twitter

Although I’ve been a member of Twitter since 2008 (at least that’s what Twitter tells me), I’ve not used it other than to redirect posts from here and SciFi Chicks.  However, my preoccupation with Dancing with the Stars prodded me to visit it more frequently.  (And increase my “following” tweeps to a whopping 27.  (I had 29 but gave up two, one after DWTS ended; the other, @midnight, because its “hashtag wars” created too much Twitter noise.)

Even with only 27 followings, though, Twitter has been abuzz lately.

1.  Goldilocks Has Left the Building

Charlie White cut his hair!  His trademark tresses!  Apparently it caused quite a Twitterstorm Sunday evening, after he mentioned it but before he revealed it.  And then, the pictures came.


Charlie White and Meryl Davis introduce the new Puffs packaging.
With Meryl Davis, Charlie White & Puffs unveil new packaging.

Charlie White’s Hair (@CharlieWsHair—yes, it’s a real Twitter account!) consoles us by saying the “lucious locks will be back with a vengeance,” adding, appropriately, the hashtag #timehealsallwounds.

I understand why he did it.  He just finished an arduous six months, achieving his goal of an Olympic gold medal, and surviving the crazy schedule of simultaneously participating in Dancing with the Stars and the Stars on Ice tour.  It’s time to rest, recouperate, and begin the next phase of his life.  What better way than to shed the old Charlie and come up with a new image.

Surprisingly, in a 30-minute interview with the Huffington Post, the new haircut wasn’t mentioned once.   Yeah, it was probably an agreed-upon condition.  I still hope the curls will return when the skates do.

2.  In News of Another Passion:


How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens in theaters 10 days from today!

I can’t wait!  Despite what I said before, I may have to see the movie before my birthday.


6 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned from Twitter

  1. I like the new haircut. 🙂

    We’ll be going to HTTYD on release weekend, I think! Even forcing Number Two to go with us. She’s not a movie buff. (I know. Where the heck did this kid come from?! LOL)

    1. Bring tissues! I read some spoilers (I just couldn’t resist, I guess), and there’s some pretty devastating events. (So devastating, I’m actually glad for the spoilers. At least I’m mildly prepared now.)

      I’ll likely see it sooner than I’d planned. For one, I don’t think I can wait an entire week. For two, my friends won’t be available to take me for my birthday. (Hubby has been at Bethesda hospital with diabetes complications. He had to have part of his foot amputated. That’s actually good news, because worst-case scenario was below-the-knee amputation.) It won’t look silly for a gray-haired lady to go alone, will it? ^^’

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