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A Topical Sunday Seven

The button proves I've been vaccinated !
(The only place I could get the button in focus was on my jeans.)

Since it’s Sunday and I just got my second COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer—we didn’t get a choice), I thought I’d list a few things I’m excited to be able to do after a year of uncertainty. So, without further ado, here are:

7 Things I’ve Put Off for a Year

  1. In-person doctor visits
    I’ve had a couple appointments via tele-medicine (and other health sessions via Zoom), but some things just need to be done in person. Like the dermatologist and blood work.
  2. Get a pedicure
    Sandal season is just around the corner!
  3. Have a glass of wine with my neighbor
    I’d hoped to get together this coming week, but the vaccine people told me I need to wait 2 weeks before I can safely hug another vaccinated person. Dang. I guess I’ll just have to drink that bottle of wine I bought to share by myself.
  4. Get some junk out of my trunk house
    Those handy bins you used to see around town for donating clothes and shoes disappeared last March. So what to do with all the clothes I’ve bagged up? Supposedly Goodwill and Salvation Army are taking donations, but I’ve heard their schedules are iffy. A junk removal company may be expensive, but I live on the top floor of a walk-up. Besides, those strapping young lads will be able to take out some of the heavier stuff.
  5. Call the plumber
    I have a few minor problems that need fixing. So minor that I decided I could live with them until I was vaccinated.
  6. Schedule a contractor
    Sooner or later, I’ll want to move. And I need to fix up my condo before I can do that. Fortunately, I know who I want to hire, I just need to call him. I already told him ( a few years ago) that’s I’d keep him gainfully employed for a couple of years.
  7. Get my taxes done
    No, I didn’t put off paying my taxes for a year. I’m just using it as an excuse for waiting until the last minute. Last year the feds gave us a couple extra months. However, Virginia did not give us a reprieve. And we have to file our federal and state returns at the same time. The only good thing was that Virginia’s deadline for income tax is May 31st. And yes, I delayed it until the last week. At least I’m consistent.

So there you have it.. Looks like it’ll be a busy spring!

(P.S. I’m trying something new with WordPress. I wrote this post on Saturday, Mar 27, but am scheduling it to publish on Sunday the 28th. You know, since it IS a Sunday Seven.)

10 thoughts on “A Topical Sunday Seven”

  1. Congratulations!

    I have been having serious vaccine envy lately. A lot of acquaintances all over the country are getting their second shots, or scheduling their firsts, and here in PA we’re still in phase 1A. (We have a high number of 65+ and got off to a slow start so even though they’re making up ground, it’s still going to be a while for me!)

    Enjoy those hugs!

  2. Thanks! I understand your envy. I have several friends who’d already gotten their 2nd shot when I got my first. For once, being old is an asset. 😎 (Hey, have you turned 50 yet???)
    Oops. I think I “commented” rather than replied. I hope you get notified. 😕 (I also finally learned how to call up the emoji keyboard on my PC.)

    1. I did get notified! And I 💖 the emojis. 😉

      I turned 50 in December. I mean, I’m lucky not to have medical conditions that qualify me. And I’ll be earlier, of course, than younger groups, probably. It’s just that whole social media FOMO thing! LOL

      1. I’ll assume FOMO means fear of missing out?? One of the late-night talk show hosts (one of the Jimmys, I believe) said people need to stop posting selfies after their vaccinations, something about it being selfish or cruel to the rest of “us.” HA!

        Here in VA, the state further delegated vaccine response down to the local level—counties, or, in my case, the City of Alexandria (since it’s not a county). The early days were iffy. There was NO information out on how to sign up. I only learned about it when I had a tele-visit with my primary doctor. Being 65+ I wasn’t yet eligible, but could sign up. My neighbor, who turned a very young 75 last year (and had a blow-out party before COVID was even a thing) WAS eligible, but she hadn’t heard anything, either. So we signed up online, but it really didn’t look like anything would come of it. But lo and behold, the system worked! She got notified and got her shots in Feb. I started thinking I wouldn’t be called until the summer, but there, at the beginning of Mar, was an email saying I was eligible with instructions for signing up.

        The whole set-up that Alexandria had was absolutely amazing. So many details and hoops to jump through, and it all worked like clockwork. First parking and getting instructions to fill out online forms, then a line to get in line (sounds crazy, yeah?), then tech help for those who had trouble with the online form (which I had BOTH times), then a line into the building, then check-in in the atrium, then another line in the gym to wait for a table to open up. There were probably about 3o tables, each with 2 people to administer shots, then a place to rest for 15 minutes to make sure you didn’t have an allergic reaction, then directions back to the parking lot, and finally people directing you out of the compound. (I got my shots at the Alexandria middle school, my neighbor had gotten hers at the high school (T.C. Williams, the school in the movie “Remember the Titans,” which, incidentally, is getting a rename this year since it turns out T.C. was a racist. I voted for Alexandria HS.) EVERYONE except the shot people (plus probably a couple of others for first aid) were volunteers. All that, and all with social-distancing standards (like “stand here” stickers on the floor). ASTOUNDING! And absolutely no waiting.

        Incidentally, I wore a jacket and sweater over a short sleeve top for my first shot on 3/6, and just short sleeves and crop pants for the 2nd on 3/27. (No sandals, because no pedicure yet.) Ya gotta love March!

        Good God, this is long! I could have made an entire post. (And may have gotten my hour of writing in already, although I’d planned on working on my next post since I met a significant milestone on my 2021 writing goal a couple of days ago.) Yep, another teaser, but you won’t have to wait long to hear about it. 😋

        1. I’ve been trying to be very charitable in my attitude toward any issues in this whole thing because it’s SUCH a massive undertaking! That’s an impressive process. I’m glad it went so smoothly for you!

          Here, each location is doing its own scheduling, and they’d run out of appointments fast and weren’t taking names for waiting lists. I think that has changed a bit, and they now have provisions for scheduling by phone instead of just online.

          Since I posted, I figured out that I DO qualify because of my BMI, so I’m scheduled now for April 20. They’re moving forward and opening up scheduling to all adults on April 19. The progression hasn’t been age-related beyond 1A, but 1B and 1C are job-related instead. So, for example, food service workers are in 1C. Grocery store employees in 1B. Etc.

          I can’t wait to hear about the writing goal! 🙂

          1. Yes, be charitable! 😊 So what’s with your BMI?? And so glad you have a date now! It really is a load off your mind, isn’t it?

          2. I’m just fat, that’s all. 😆 But yeah, it’s a relief! I just wish it would get here faster. Now I feel like Murtaugh, courting trouble on my last days in the field. LOL

          3. Did you just use an Outlander reference?? I’m no longer watching because 1) I somehow lost my subscription to Starz, and 2) I lost interest when the younger generation became the focus. (I hate Brianna.) The only reason I’d watch the show is for Lord John Grey, but I’m not sure he’s on that much anymore. But seeing Murtaugh would be nice. (You know he died at Culloden in the books, right?)

          4. Ha. No, it was a Lethal Weapon reference. I forgot about the Outlander Murtagh! 🙂 (I never watched Outlander past season 1, but I think of you whenever I see/hear Lord John Grey mentioned. LOL)

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