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Shall We Write?

This blog needs some fresh blood, yeah? So how about a new theme? That’s the problem. There are so many themes available on, it takes a long time to sift through them to find just the right one. I end up spending so much time trying to pick a theme, I become overwhelmed. And then I don’t write anything. That’s back-ass-wards!

The blog needs new content! That’s more important that a new theme! But what’s there to write about? I’m not particularly interested in Outlander any more. Now, if Starz decided to do a Lord John Grey spinoff (he does have his own set of novels), I’d be there in two shakes of a martini lamb’s tail. But I’m afraid Lord John is destined to be just another Jamie Fraser fangirl.

I’m amazed at how commentators always find something to talk about every day. (Well, every weekday.) Granted, this is the nation’s capital region, so the federal government usually provides fodder for discussion. But oftentimes, the commentators discuss the frivolous. For example, one spent some time last winter discussing the weather, and how we mid-Atlanticans are wimps, complaining about 20-degree temperatures when Minneapolis boasted something like -30 degrees. (The commentator even chided himself for being a wimp, especially since he’s from Iowa and suffered through University of Wisconsin at Madison windchills.)

And see, right there? How I get sidetracked? Happens all the time.

I had an epiphany today. Why not try to write something every day this month? Yes, there is such an animal. It’s called NaBloPoMo, and I did it once, six years ago. But since today is May 1, it’s not too late to start this month, right? Heh. We’ll see how long this notorious quitter lasts.

3 thoughts on “Shall We Write?”

  1. Hi hi hi hi hi! So great to see you here again! I’ve missed you. Talk about whatever you want, I’ll always love it. Well, that may be overstating. I guess there are plenty of things you could talk about that I wouldn’t love. (Ref. DC mention in above post as source of material…)

    BUT I get what you’re saying. I used to have sooooo much to blog about. Now…nothing. I don’t even have short pithy things for social media, never mind full-on blog posts. I have no idea what happened to me. Maturity?

    1. Hi hi hi hi, yourself! Yeah, I’m not much of a political animal so you won’t get much DC stuff from me. At least not government-wise, unless it’s to bitch about Congress. (I’m completely ignoring the presidency. Too painful.)

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