Forgotten Sundays

This week’s Sunday Seven has been interrupted by a cut of unknown origin on the index finger of my right hand.  The bandage makes typing annoying; and since I can’t feel the little nub on the J key, I find I’m writing entire phrases wuth ny rught gabd ibe jet iver,  Very annoying.

Plus, I can’t think of anything to write about.

Speaking of forgotten Sundays, I woke last Sunday morning having not finished my Seven Favorite Outlander Season 3 Episodes post.  I thought about taking the easy way out and saying “This week’s Sunday Seven is usurped by the Super Bowl.”  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Super Bowl was Feb 4, not Feb 11!  In my defense, I was without cable for two weeks.  And when the cable was restored, I discovered I had no patience for television.  (That affliction has since abated somewhat.)  And apparently, I didn’t go anywhere because the only time I listen to the news is when I’m in the car.  Talk about media blackout!

Sorry, Natalie. 😥  (But not sorry, Philadelphia.)


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Sundays”

  1. You’re clearly not a big football fan if the super bowl completely passed you by, cable out or no. LOL

    Philadelphia played a little bit better, and I’m always glad for a team to win that has never won before. The players were hard to root against if you weren’t a New England fan. But I still can’t say I like Philadelphia at all. 🙂

    I’m sorry about your cut. I hope it stops being annoying soon!

    1. Better late than never, yes? lol

      Funny thing is I used to be a BIG football fan. But somehow living in the D.C. area cured me of that. (Too much hoopla over the Redskins.)

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