Elias Pound assists Claire attending to the sick.
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The Sobfest That Is Outlander 310

“Heaven and Earth” had its problems, but the good far outweighed the bad.  Added bonus: I bawled my eyes out. Granted, while bawling isn’t necessarily an enjoyable experience, it shows how the episode pulled me in and made me feel part of the story.

So let’s get to it.

Heaven and Earth, Episode 310

1.  Jamie’s an idiot

When the HMS Porpoise pulled away from the Artemis, Jamie wanted the captain to go after the man-of-war full sail.  The captain disagreed, citing the safety of his ship.  At which point Jamie and his gang pulled knives on the crew, thus, landing Jamie in the brig.  This didn’t stop his idiocy, though.  He told Fergus to break him out and they’d stage a mutiny.  When Fergus disagreed, Jamie berated and debased him, then tried resorting to blackmail. Way to motivate people, Jamie.

Jamie gets thrown in the brig for defying the captain.
Way to go, Jamie, you idiot.


2. Fergus and Marsali

The couple du jour was given more to do in this episode, showing that both of them have good heads on their shoulders. Although brutally criticized by Jamie, conflicted Fergus eventually defied the man he has loved for so many years because it was necessary.  Marsali showed her intelligence and strength, standing by Fergus, freeing Jamie from the brig, and explaining Fergus’s loyalty to Jamie.

However, I’m still not feeling the chemistry with these two, even with a heavy make-out session.

2 Mr. Overholt!

My father made an appearance!  Well, with his rather surly attitude, he better resembled my brother.  Still, it’s a name you don’t see often, and when I read the name in the book, I did a triple-take to make sure I’d read it right.  Hey!  If he’d been Lieutenant Overholt, it might have been me!  😀

3.  Crème de menthe

We did get the discovery of the body in the cask of crème de menthe!  Granted, it was a flashback, and not nearly as personal (or humorous) as I would have liked, but still, they didn’t leave that plot point hanging in the air.

5.  Claire’s an idiot

When Claire finds out that Jamie’s true identity has been uncovered, and that he’ll be arrested in Jamaica, she comes up with the cockamamie idea to escape the ship, swim to one island, from there…??  It’s not especially clear.  (I think it’s clearer in the book.  She’ll catch a boat from the unnamed island and sail to Jamaica… or the Artemis?  to warn Jamie.  Like I said, idiot.

Who else is an idiot?  Jamie, for publishing seditious material in the first place.

6.  Burial at sea

When 11 sailors succumbed to typhoid fever, the coffins were lined up, honors given, and their bodies given to the sea.  It was beautifully directed, and very moving.  Even though we didn’t know most of the lost sailors, the scene was heart-wrenching and set the stage for the last one.

Claire attends the burial at sea.

I want to give Captain Leonard the credit he is due. Being only about 20 years old, and a junior officer far down the totem pole, when he found himself thrust into being the acting captain, he did very a very commendable job under extremely trying circumstances.

7.  Elias Pound

The 14-year-old midshipman served admirably not only as Claire’s assistant, but also her protector.  He dressed down men twice his age and half-again his size in service of trying to save the ship.  And just when the fever was conquered, Elias himself succumbed. Once again the direction of superb.  The scene went from Claire sewing the final stitches of Elias’s burial shroud directly to the underwater view of his body being committed to the sea.  I dare you not to cry.

Anything missing?

Yes!  This guy!

More Lord John Grey please!
More Lord John Grey, please!

Lord John Grey was supposed to be on the Porpoise, traveling to assume governorship of Jamaica.  He was in quarantined to his quarters, but became stir crazy one night and met Claire on the deck.  Neither one of them recognized the other.

Damn you, Outlander writers for taking out that scene.  At least now I have more sympathy for long-time readers when a favorite scene is omitted in the series.

Side note:  I’m in the midst of reading the Lord John Grey novels and novellas.  Can I just say, Lord John is Sex on a Stick!  If People magazine had existed back then, he’d be named “Sexiest Man Alive, 1760.”

4 thoughts on “The Sobfest That Is Outlander 310”

  1. I love the way you do your posts. You’re really bringing home the epic nature of the story.

    And for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me post my comment. 😦 Hopefully I don’t duplicate it three times.

    1. WP has been really whacky lately. Several times this week I’ve been unable to save my posts, thus making resort to Word. Thanks for the “epic” compliment! Unfortunately, it likely won’t last because I have no idea what I’m going to write for this week’s episode (Uncharted).

      I’m going to ask a BIG favor of you in the near future. I might try to wait until after the holidays—which include your birthday!—but I’m not sure I’ll have that much patience. Bear with me, please. 😀

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