A Sunday Seven of Outlander Podcasts

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser begins his journey to the Colonies.

The problem with being a procrastinator is (obviously) putting things off until the very last minute.  This sometimes leads to skipping things altogether, at least when they’re not essential.  In this last week’s Sunday Seven case, it was a combination of getting sidetracked and not coming up with any ideas.  But I promised to blog throughout the entire Outlander season and finally thought of something Outlander related, so here goes.

Podcasts (and a Vlog) I Enjoy—to Varying Degrees

In reverse order (i.e., from least to most enjoyed):

7.  Outlander Cast:  The Outlander Podcast with Mary and Blake

This is a husband and wife team who conduct a variety of podcasts, including parenting and what to while in Rhode Island.  Their Outlander podcast has been around since the beginning of the show.  Mary is a reader and lover of the books; Blake hasn’t read the books but does seem to enjoy the show.  I initially stopped listening shortly after finding them because Blake’s Boston accent was hard to listen to (no offense to Bostonians—I love your city!).  I recently started listening again, and Blake’s accent seems to have dissipated.

6.  A Dram of Outlander Podcast

The host is Desirre, a soft-spoken lass who’s easy to listen to.  She’s a midwife who brings a unique medical/science take to the series.  I don’t always agree with her, but she’s a highly intelligent and thoughtful podcaster.

5.  The Outlander Podcast

Hosts Ginger and Summer are sisters who have been fans of the books for many years.  They also have gorgeous singing voices and burst into song quite often.  During Droughtlander, they provide read-alongs and discussions of the next book to be filmed, along with interviews of show writers other Scotland-ish experts.

4.  Loinlander:  The Most Unofficial Outlander Podcast

Another wife and husband team, Megan and Joe, Loinlander is one of the newer podcasts on the scene, having only begun with season 3.  Like Mary and Blake, Megan is a long-time fan of the books and Joe… is not.  But they’re funny and enjoyable to listen to.

3.  The Official Outlander Podcast

Yes, this is indeed the Starz-sanctioned podcast featuring producers and writers of the series who provide commentary while watching the episodes.  It’s something showrunner Ronald D. Moore started with Battlestar Galactica and continued over to Outlander.  Recently the mantle seems to have passed to producers-writers Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia (probably because Ron Moore has been busy with other projects) with an occasional appearance by Ron Moore’s Tall Ships partner, Meril Davis.

2. Sex and Whiskey

This vlog is the follow-on to the highly enjoyable and sadly missed “The Scot and The Sassenach” podcast.  Unfortunately, the Scot and the Sassenach divorced this past year and have gone their separate ways.  However, writing and story expert Lani Diane Rich has continued giving us brilliant insight into the series.

Podlander Drunkcast's Twitter page
Podlander Drunkcast motto: “I *heart* Pamplemousse”

1.  Podlander Drunkcast: an Outlander Podcast

Hosted by two friends, Allison has read (nearly?) all the books, and Julie has not (nor does she intend to).  They are so absolutely hilarious, I sometimes scare my cat laughing out loud while listening.  I love that Allison has a drama degree, and Julie seems to have some drama experience as well.  They began podcasting season 2, then went back to rewatch and podcast season 1 during Droughtlander, and are now on, of course, season 3.  And yes, they adore Murtagh and Duncan Lacroix that much!  (Although I’m still not clear on the origins of “Pamplemousse.”)

9 thoughts on “A Sunday Seven of Outlander Podcasts

  1. This is an awesome post! Great idea. I got into podcasts a long, long time ago when my love of Firefly/Serenity and Harry Potter led me to The Signal and Pottercast. (Not assuming you didn’t do podcasts before Outlander, but this list made me nostalgic. LOL)

    On a “small world” note, Lani Diane Rich is part of my world! I’ve met her at writer’s conferences and loved her romantic fiction. I’m not surprised to hear she does a good job with the podcast. 🙂

    1. I didn’t get into podcasts prior to Outlander. I’ve thought about starting one (blogs are soooo ’00’s ;D ) but I don’t know what I’m passionate about. And I’m certainly not an expert on anything. Besides, I wouldn’t want to do it alone.

      That’s so cool about Lani Diane Rich. I had her “store” open on Amazon yesterday, but closed the browser before I checked it out. I’m not much into romantic fiction, but I’d like to get an idea of her style.

      Hey, what do you think of Diana Gabaldon? I know you haven’t read any of her books, but you’ve been around the biz long enough to get a general idea, yes? I’m curious because I’m really not all that enamored of her, and it kind of drives me nuts that her fans are so rabid, and seem to worship her. (Particularly referring to her as “herself.”)

      1. I saw Diana speak at a conference a few years ago. She’s an interesting person, very uncaring of what anyone else thinks. But I think she’s in the same realm as JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer (Twilight), EL James. There’s something about her storytelling that compels people, and she captured the zietgeist. All of those authors have readers who dislike their work (not JK Rowling as much as the other two, though, but she has some) just like they have readers who are rabid. When I read Twilight, I was like, “this book is terrible, there’s nothing happening, and yet I can’t put it down.” So I’m not really a fan, but I understand the intangible that has caused other people to be. And it defies analysis. So I’d say Gabaldon is the same thing. She also rose to popularity in a different time, before the entertainment market fractured and we had so much content competing for our eyeballs. 🙂

        1. So let’s see… you clarified Stephani Meyer for me but not EL James. Did you somehow think I’d know who EL James was? (I do, but barely.) Surely you don’t think I’d read any of those books?? Then again, when I first heard of them by title, I thought perhaps they were about sex amongst the older population. *snort*

          1. LOL I thought eeeeverybody knew who EL James was. 🙂 I haven’t read them, either. Not my thing. But a good example of something that caught on big despite a lack of universal love. ROFLT on the 50 part. I adore you. 🙂

    1. You did! To #3 at least. (And likely would have moved higher, possibly to #1, had you done a retro-review of seasons 1 and/or 2.) Oh well. I can wait for season 4. 😊

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