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Outlander Is Back! And I Have Thoughts.

Seven of them!

In an effort to try to become somewhat disciplined with my writing, I’m reinstating my Sunday Seven.  And what better way than to discuss Outlander?  Sure, my posts will be a  week late.  But that’s okay.  By this time, all the reviews have been written, the podcasts & vlogs have been published, and discussion of the episode has died down.  What better way to get ready for the latest episode than to refresh our memories of the last episode?

Well, crap!  I forgot that Starz loads the episodes early OnDemand, so I’m already late.  Maybe we’ll make this a “Saturday Seven” in the future.

This is not a list of favorite moments.  Well, some are favorites, others are simply observations, some of which I’ve not seen elsewhere.  On to the thoughts for

“The Battle Joined,” episode 301

1. Murtagh!

Jamie’s godfather (and fan favorite Duncan Lacroix) was in one scene only, and if you blinked, you missed it.  There’s been a lot of discussion about whether Murtagh survived the battle of Culloden.  We didn’t see him die and when Jamie asked, the one had seen him.  I’m not holding out a lot of hope, because in the book, Murtagh death occurs outside the narrative.  Showrunner and episode writer Ronald D. Moore was no help, saying Murtagh’s fate is supposed to be unknown at this stage.  Thanks for nothin’, Ron.

2. Rupert!

I love Grant O’Rourke, so I was delighted to see Rupert, however short-lived the character was.  That’s one of the “problems” with Diana Gabaldon.  She creates these rich, wonderful characters you fall in love with, and enjoy spending time with.  Then they die.  Or just disappear.  I’m looking at you,  Mrs. Fitz.

3. Jerry’s questionable food choices

Claire’s neighbor Millie says her husband wants baked bean with cabbage every night.  Two gaseous foods combined?  That would mean Jerry is more flatulent than Arthur Duncan.  Don’t invite me for dinner, Millie.

4. Claire’s shoes

Terry Dresbach does it again!  I want the shoes Claire wore to that horrid Harvard faculty party.   They appear to be light gray suede low heels with a “fringed kilt” toe box.

Claire and Frank leave the faculty party fromhell.
Terry Dresbach does it again!

Added bonus, they took my mind off the ridiculously cartoonish displays of sexism.  Not that sexism didn’t exist in the late 1940s, but the that was way over the top.

5. Teabags

They’re little paper diapers!  Who knew stuffy-butt Frank had a sense of humor?

Speaking of humor, even at death’s door, Jamie’s remains intact.  “[William Grey] promised to kill me, but I dinna mind if you do it for him. I willa tell if you dinna.”

6. Lord Melton!

I don’t know much about Lord Melton since he doesn’t reappear until later books.  Just that fact that he’s the brother of John William Grey, whom we met last season, is enough to merit my joy.  But there’s more to him than that.

What appealed to me was Lord Melton’s honor.  He treated the “traitors” with as much respect as he could, given his orders were to kill everyone.  His brother’s vow to spare Jamie was enormously important to him.  And when his subordinate suggested they execute Jamie under an assumed name, you could see his repulsion for the deception.

7.  Claire’s grief

Claire is not pining for Jamie, as Frank seems to think she is.  She believes Jamie’s dead.  She’s grieving.  Even I didn’t truly realize it until this scene.

Claire sobs as Frank leaves for work.

But since Frank won’t let her talk about the past, she has to keep everything bottled up inside her— which any grief counselor will tell you is the worst thing to do when dealing with grief..  Coupled with the hormones of pregnancy, is it any wonder that Claire is grumpy?

Your thoughts?

And now… off to watch episode 302.

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4 thoughts on “Outlander Is Back! And I Have Thoughts.”

  1. Hi!!!!! So glad you’re back. 🙂 Even if I haven’t watched season 2. I actually got the first disk, but couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Even if Randall isn’t in much of season 2, I can’t handle watching him OR Frank. So maybe your Sunday (or Saturday) Sevens will convince me. 🙂

    1. Hi back!! I actually had a line in the post about no one reading the blog except you, but took it out. Still, glad you’re here.

      “…maybe your Sunday (or Saturday) Sevens will convince me.” Or not, based on what I have to say this week. Not that the show is bad, it’s actually great so far this season, but…

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