Romeo has found his preferred sleeping spot.
Pets Are People Too

Romeo in 2 Parts

Part 1: When Insomnia Is a Good Thing

I’ve battled insomnia most of my life.  Exceptions would be graduate school and the Navy.  Nowadays, it’s more annoying than debilitating, since I don’t have to work.  Once in a while, though, sleepless is rewarded with something special.

Romeo head into the kitchen.
The body may look sleek, but it’s solid—and heavy!

A couple nights ago, at around 3:00 a.m., I heard someone in the new “diggie-box” currently in my bathroom.  Since Shadow was on the bed with me, I knew Romeo had come out of his hiding spot.  When he came out of the bathroom, he looked around, saw the door to the bedroom was open, and decided to go exploring.

Romeo and Shadow get acquainted by touching noses.

A short while later, I too got up for a mug of warm milk to stimulate some melatonin.  When Romeo and I passed in the hallway, he didn’t bolt.  He came into the living room and then ventured into the kitchen, where I could hear him licking out a can of Friskees.  (Gigi loved to lick the can clean, and I got in the habit of putting the empty can on the floor for Kimmi and Shadow.)

Romeo then wandered around a bit, eventually leaving Shadow and me to watch tv (me) and snooze & snore (Shadow).  When I went back to bed, Romeo was apparently still checking things out as he wasn’t under the bed.

Sadly, though, he was back under the bed in the morning and stayed there all day and the next.  I’d really hoped we’d passed that milestone, but knew it would have to be on his terms, not mine.

Part 2: He’s Out!

This morning, around 7 a.m., I once again heard Romeo in the litter box.  When he emerged, it appeared he was heading back to his hiding spot.  But when I awoke later, he wasn’t there!  I figured he’d gone exploring on his own and found another place to hide.  (I have lots of them in my cluttered home.)

Romeo and Shadow exchange nose touches.
Hello. Who are you?

When I came down the steps into the living room, there he was, waiting for me!  Of course I had to pick him up and snuggle a little.  But I didn’t overdo it.

We’ve since had breakfast, gotten acquainted, and now everyone has settled into their sleepy spots.  Shadow’s is under the cane rocker (one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought), and Romeo is in a wicker chair by the huge dining room window.  It’s a chair Shadow has used in the past, but he still prefers the rocker, probably because it’s closer to me.

Romeo has found his preferred sleeping spot in a chair by the window.
A favorite sleeping spot has been found.

Romeo’s tail isn’t up in the air yet, but it’s still early days.  He’s really not going to like Wednesday—vet visit. 😮

6 thoughts on “Romeo in 2 Parts”

    1. That’s a chair i got from IKEA a long time ago. You can see the sun damage.

      Everyone is still getting used to each other. Romeo won’t eat with Shadow, and even though they get the same thing, Shadow always wants what Romeo has.

      You have multiple cats, yes? How do they get along?

      1. They’re like siblings. BG (the younger) will pounce on Maya for no reason. Maya mostly ignores BG, unless she pounces. Then she puts her in her place. They take turns marking territory. So if one is in a box or basket or bin of grocery bags, the next time you look the other one will be in there. They are very territorial about our bed. Well, BG is. That’s HER place with my husband, and if Maya is up there, BG acts all pissy. Then she goes away, as if to punish us. LOL

        But they are absolutely in unison on feeding time, insofar as cooperation to drive us bat**it nuts until we feed them. And once in a while, they’re found sharing a small space, looking at us like we’re idiots as we marvel at the miracle. 🙂

        1. Good golly, Miss Molly! Obviously I’ve been lousy at checking comments. (And yes, email, too. But then, I get so many from WordPress, I generally ignore them. I know, bad Gail!)

          Shadow used to sit in the chair in the sun that Romeo has claimed, but not very often. Like you, the bed is Shadow’s domain, and he is rather possessive of it. Romeo will get on the bed once in a while during the day, but not at night. However, Romeo is much better about sitting on my lap when watching tv. Like Shadow, though, he is very warm blooded, and doesn’t tend to stay long, but another of his prime spots is on the sofa behind me while Shadow (usually) lays at my feet. I mean “lies” at my feet. 😉 (For someone who gets sit and set right, I’m horrible about lay and lie.)

          Yep, feeding time is noisy time. Shadow has always been very vocal (he “whines” more than meows, and Romeo has picked up his bad habit. Except Romeo’s meow is much more normal.

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