Fishlegs joins Hiccup on the back of Toothless to save Meatlug from capture.
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Back on the Dragon Train!

The second season of DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk wrapped up this week, and FX aired How to Train You Dragon last Friday.  So this seems like a good time to return to my Dragons obsession.  This week we’ll look at the television series.  Next week we’ll revisit the movie, and after that we’ll take another look at John Powell’s fabulous soundtrack.

I wasn’t terribly consistent in reviewing the Defenders of Berk episodes at SciFi Chicks, but I never missed an episode (unless thwarted by electricity), and my obsession love for the franchise continues.  And so I present…

My Seven Favorite Defenders of Berk Episodes

  1. The Iron Gronkle (202).  It’s the ultimate episode about misfits, and how they too have their purposes in life.  And if it wasn’t so awkward-teen appropriate, it’d still be in my top seven because Fishlegs has to ride Toothless.  Although he asks  Toothless for “more Night without the Fury,” until he gets the hang of it, he hollers “Too much Fury!  Too much Fury!”
  2. Worst in Show (207).   Another Fishlegs-centric episode (perhaps my love for Christopher Mintz-Plasse is showing).  The teens are each given a Terrible Terror to train.  Fishlegs focuses so much attention on his Terror, he ignores Meatlug, with disastrous consequences.  The Terrible Terrors are adorable, colorful little dragons, and they end up saving the day, thanks to their training.
  3. Zippleback Down (209).  This time Tuffnut is the featured teen.  And Scorch (the little dragon from last season’s “The Terrible Twos“) returns; and he’s all grown up.
  4. Free Scauldy (213).  Ruffnut, Tuffnut’s twin sister, has to befriend a hurt ocean-dwelling Scauldron that’s stranded on land so the gang can get close enough to fix its broken wing and return it to the ocean.  It’s the first time Ruffnut has been given her own story, and she rises to challenge.  She makes a sacrifice to save the dragon she’s bonded with.
  5. The Eel Effect (216).  Have you ever wonder why dragons hate eels so much?  Here’s your answer.  Toothless accidentally eats an eel, and suffers horribly for it.
  6. Bing! Bam! Boom! (218).  (Aka [although incorrectly] as Bing! Bang! Boom!)  It’s silly, hilarious, colorful, and touching.  Pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this wonderful little show.
  7. Cast Out (219 & 220).  If I had to choose just one part, I suppose it’d be Part 2, mainly because it wraps up the season nicely and  leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  But don’t discount Part 1; it’s full of hijinks and heart.

And finally, I’d just like to add…

Only 95 days until How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens in theaters!
Hiccup wields his firesword in a poster for How to Train Your Dragon 2.
Poster for How to Train Your Dragon 2.

2 thoughts on “Back on the Dragon Train!”

  1. I am SO excited about this – in the name category here, I’ve even gone so far as to call myself after one of the best dragons ever! I know! SUCH a nerd! Have you seen the pictures from How to Train your Dragon 2 on their video game (I think their link is It made me squeal. Love that you’re just as dragon obsessed as me!

    1. You have indeed got the name of the best dragon ever! I haven’t checked out School of Dragons (not an online gamer), but I have gotten 2 boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner, one with Toothless and Hiccup, and one with Astrid and Stormfly. (I ate the Mac & Cheese, but am keeping the boxes. Who’s the nerd now?!?) 😀

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