Playtime for a Rainy Day

The day before yesterday, after I visited PetSmart, I went next door to Best Buy.  Not because I wanted anything, but I hadn’t been in there in a while.  The season 8 Supernatural DVD set was there, but I’ve already ordered it from Amazon (way cheaper), so that wasn’t on the list.

Instead, I gravitated towards the cameras.  I decided I needed a small camera to photograph my cooking adventures.  These two Nikons caught my eye as both have a Wi-fi capability and were on sale.

I fell in love with the white one because 1) it’s white, 2) it’s new,  3) it’s different, and 4) it’s mega-cool.

This is a view of the backs of the cameras.
Convention wins over cool.

Look at the view screen!  It’s so chic and cool and hip and now!  Indeed, it’s a touch screen with the Android operating system.

Both cameras are 16 megapixel.  The purple has a 6x zoom, the white a 10x zoom.  But since I plan to use it primarily inside, that wasn’t really an issue.  What sold me was the continuous shooting mode.  The salewoman, who really seemed to know her stuff, said the “5200” offered better individual photos in CM (or “burst mode”).  So, I forewent the “newest, latest, coolest” route and bought the purple one.  It’s an ordinary view screen and conventional controls are more along the lines of what I’m used to so the learning curve will be shorter.  And it was cheaper.  😉

Now I’m finding it has all sorts of fun surprises.  One surprise is it has “quick effects.”  So I’ve been experimenting a little.  Turns out the quick effects aren’t all that (at least not that I can tell) but it’s still fun to play with.  But here’s an example.

Why would I want a camera with continuous shooting mode to photograph food?  Why, to photograph pets as well!  You know they don’t pose for the camera, so you have to get them in motion.  As soon as they start moving, I’ll try out the CM.

7 thoughts on “Playtime for a Rainy Day

  1. Nikon Coolpix are awesome cameras! I love mine. My Dad loves his. My brother loves his. 🙂 They take great pictures; I get a lot of compliments on my shots, and I’m definitely an amateur photographer. I’ve never experimented with the continuous shots, though. I’ll have to try it out, especially now that I have a very active kitten in the house. 🙂

    1. Wow! A Nikon family! Unfortunately, the cats haven’t been all that active lately, so I haven’t tried out the continuous shooting mode yet. Another special mode I’m anxious to try is 3D! I’m doing a “campus survival” substitution today, so I might try to photograph the meal when it’s done.

      A kitten! I did read (on your LJ?) that you have a new kitty. Is Tig still around? What’s the story? Inquiring minds want to know. Have I been remiss in keeping up with you?

      1. Yes, Tig is still around. He wasn’t too happy about the new addition at first, but he’s come around for the most part. But when you’ve been the only child for nine years there’s a lot of adjustments to make.

        The kitten is Fizzgig (Fizzy for short), and she’s about two months old. She was abandoned by her half-wild mother out at my parents’ farm, so I took her in. You might have caught a picture or two of her on Facebook. She’s currently asleep on my lap. 🙂

  2. Kitty! 🙂

    We have lots and lots of photos of our kitties sleeping. They just magically appear on whatever recording device is handy.

    Glad to hear you like the camera! We bought Number One a CoolPix for Christmas a few years ago and were disappointed with the image quality. It was probably a cheap version meant to lure in parents at Christmastime. LOL

    1. Hee! Which reminds me, I took one of Shadow sleeping on his back (which he does often because he’s so furry). I should post it, and probably will at some point. 🙂

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