Supernatural: “Home” & “Tiger Mommy”

Home (109)

This episode gets 5 stars.Man, I wish I had Eric Kripke’s creativity.  And writing ability.  How does he combine tenderness and pathos with comedy, and then throw in a bloody horror scene?  Even now, after many years and several viewings, I still want to fast-forward through the infamous evil cymbal monkey/garbage disposal scene.

Dean tells Sam what remembers about the night their moither died.
Brotherly love:  “I remember the fire…the heat. And then I carried you out the front door.”

Compare that to the affectionate brotherly exchangeat the gas station.  Sam asks Dean what he remembers about “that night.”  When Dean replies he was the one who saved Sam, Sam is genuinely moved.  It shows us how strong their bond is.

Watching past episodes, one over-arching theme often strikes me.  “Home” is another one highlighting Dean’s sorrow.  His statement “…I swore to myself that I would never go back… [to Lawrence, KS]?” has deeper meaning now that we’ve seen later episodes.  In season 1, we understood his desire not to revisit the traumatic past.  But put in the context of episodes such as  “Dark Side of the Moon.,” his relationship with his mother becomes crystal clear, and we realize how truly devastating her death was.  It wasn’t just the death of Mary, it was the end of his life of normalcy.

Sam makes a funning face after reading "the mysterious Mr. Fortensky."
One of my favorite Sam Winchester expressions ever.

Missouri Mosley has been one of my favorite characters in the show’s history, even though she did give Dean an unreasonably rough time.  It would have been fun to see her again, especially giver her “Don’t you boys be strangers.” I think the producers wanted her to return, but Loretta Devine just hasn’t been available.   Which is too bad Supernatural.

– Written by Eric Kripke; directed by Ken Girotti
– IMDB rating 8.6 (out of 10);  TV.com rating 9.2

What’s Up, Tiger Mommy? (802)

This episode gets 4 starsMy initial review for this episode jumped all over the place.  Even I’m not sure what I was talking about.  Who is this “recurring character who still has some humanity?”  Benny?

In purgatory, Dean find Castiel beside a river.
Oh yeah, then there’s the story of Dean’s search for Castiel in purgatory.

Dean’s time in purgatory was well played, showing exactly how hardened he’s become.

Watching the summer rerun, knowing the “rest of the story” (to a certain extent) can color how we view the episode.  For Samandriel (whom I’d forgotten made his first appearance here), it’s heart breaking.  In the case of Mrs. Tran, it’s hopeful; then not so much.  As for Crowley, nothing’s changed.  He’s no longer a somewhat charming devil willing to deal with good if necessary.  Now he’s just plain evil.  (And frankly, not as interesting.)

Tiger Mommy Mrs. Tran is very savvy and way cool.  Kevin and Sam prove they really are book-smart.  Yet, despite Sam’s savant-like math skillz, the Winchesters show major stupidity.  After wielding Thor’s hammer (sorry, I’m not geek enough to remember its name) with awesome results, Sam just drops it.  Think how even more excellent this season would have been with it as part of the Winchester Grand Arsenal. And why didn’t Dean grab the tablet while Crowley was still in red-smoke form?  What a missed opportunity.  Then again, we can’t make things too easy for our boys.

– Written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin; directed by John F. Showalter
– TV Fanatic fan rating 4.8 (out of 5); IMDB rating 8.7 (out of 10)

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