Sunday Seven: Roots

How appropriate.  The theme for NaBloPoMo this month is Roots, so here’s a sneak peak of mine.

Seven People I’m Proud to Call Relatives

My grandfather and uncle were two of my favorite people.
Grandpa and Uncle Rod: two of my favorite people
  1. Marjorie Overholt, mother.  The nicest, kindest person you’d ever hope to meet.
  2. Owen Overholt, father.  Imminently fair and honest, a lawyer who loved the law more than money.
  3. James Roderick Overholt, uncle.  Phi Beta Kappa, and adored by everyone who met him.
  4. Connie McCutchon, first cousin once removed.  Listed in Who’s Who, she shares a birthday with my mother, and another hero of mine, Abraham Lincoln.
  5. Sigel Overholt, grandfather.  He lived to be 101 years, 6 months.  The six months is important because his older sister (Connie’s mother) lived to be only 101 years, 3 months.
  6. Henry Carter, grandfather.  He could be ornery and difficult, but he was larger than life.
  7. Cassie Carter, grandmother.  If I’d had one, I’d have named my daughter after her.

Honorable mention:  Debra Overholt, “niece-in-law.”  She wasn’t a relative by blood, but she was family.  Intelligent, talented, loving and kind, she died much too soon.

More to come…

7 thoughts on “Sunday Seven: Roots

  1. Great post! I liked the way you listed your family! Very nice. I am participating also, stop by and say hello! You can also leave a voice message….just speak into the microphone on your device, no phone calls required! It is a neat little touch to the blog!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! That voice message gizmo looks really neat. (I’m a little too shy to try it out, though.) I hope someone else is braver. 😉

      I tried leaving a reply but Google is asking me for a public profile. Not sure why, since I use gmail, but again, I’m hesitant to fill out the form. Silly girl.

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