Memes (Sunday 7)

The Power of Seven

Seven is my lucky number.  Or maybe it’s just a lucky number in general.  Whichever, it has personal significance for me.  Plus, it has nice alliteration when combined with “Sunday.”  I therefore present the return of …

The Sunday Seven

I started Sunday Seven nearly three years ago in an effort to blog more regularly.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  But since time is no longer a problem and I’m Starting Fresh All Over Again, it’s time for a reboot.

I wrote about my shop-oholic tendencies recently, so let’s restart with…

Seven Things Not Bought (and Money Saved)
  1. Those cute jeweled sandals at HSN:  They were on sale for $70, now they’re $80.  And blue is no longer available.
  2. Pearl & aquamarine necklace at Jewelry Television (JTV):  “Special Offer” at $88.  I’m not sure what’s “special” about the offer.
  3. Keshi pearl necklace, also at JTV:  Another “Special Offer” at $80.  In my defense, pearls are my birthstone.
  4. Vipre anti-virus software at HSN (licenses for 5 computers for the life of the computers):  $50, which is  the best price I’ve ever seen.
  5. Two MyPillow pillows from QVC:  $89 yesterday, $98 today.  Reading negative reviews saved me.
  6. Deni ice cream maker from QVC:  $30.  My pocketbook and waistline are grateful it sold out.
  7. Swim suit from Lands End:  $36 for tankini top (regularly $59), $30  for bottoms (regularly $49).  Great savings, but  by the time my shopping embargo is lifted, the suits will likely be sold out.

Grand total savings:  $474 – $492, not including shipping costs, which would take the total over $500.  Woohoo!


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