Starting Fresh All Over Again

When is it okay to start over?  Is it better to focus on improving one’s current path; or is there a point when the path becomes so overgrown it’s better to just change direction?  Or is starting over the perfectionist’s cop-out when things get too messy?

I’ve thought about rebooting my blog many times over the past years in hopes of making it exactly how I want it.  But since I’m not really sure what that is, I’ve avoided the temptation.  Until now.

Why is now different?  Perhaps Stream of Conscience was too unfocused and cluttered.  Perhaps SciFi Chicks burned me out.  Perhaps Ms. Pack Brat was one blog too many.  Or maybe I’m just inspired by spring.  Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to simplify and streamline my online life—just as I’m trying to simplify and streamline my home life.

Long ago, I started a blog for the purpose of telling my nephews and niece about their paternal grandparents (my parents), whom they didn’t know very well.  But along the way, I got sidetracked by other interests and the minutiae of life.  Life still gets in the way, but I have a better understanding of the stories I want to tell, and  a more focused approach to the things I want to talk about.

Will I be more successful this time?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned…

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