Supernatural Revisited: A Three-fer

Episodes discussed here:  Hello, Cruel World (702); Adventures in Babysitting (711); As Time Goes By (812)

Over at SciFi Chicks, I had begun reviewing three Supernatural episodes per week: the current season’s episode which airs on the CW, and two (of at least 15) episodes which air on TNT per week.  The goal was to have fans rank the episodes, but it wasn’t much of a success.   I’ve gotten into the habit of watching, so why not continue to review and rate the shows?  Especially since one of next week’s shows is “Dead in the Water,” a favorite.

Hello Cruel World (702)

This episode gets 4 stars The second episode of the fairly lackluster 7th season begins with the demise of the angel Castiel, which is fine with me.  I’m not a big fan of Castiel, primarily because so many fans prefer Dean and Castiel to Dean and Sam.  For me, the show is about two brothers, and that’s where the show’s charm and drama lie.  What’s more dramatic, and more satisfying, than family?  Well, maybe chocolate.

Dean shows Sam how to determine what's real and what's not.
Dean shows Sam how to determine reality. It hurts.

Throughout season 6 Castiel had become more untrustworthy and egomaniacal, eventually proclaiming himself the new God.  In his attempt to absorb all the souls from purgatory (why this was a good thing?), Castiel absorbed a bunch of Leviathans, ancient and extremely nasty creatures that ooze black goo.  The Leviathans consume Castiel and he  ultimately explodes in the Souix Falls, SD, municipal water system.  Yeah, that’s not good.

Long ago, at the end of season 6, Castiel destroyed the wall in Sam’s head, which had separated Sam’s soul from his memories of hell.  Now Sam is seeing Lucifer, who says Sam is still in hell, and everything else (meaning Dean and Bobby) is imaginary.  Fortunately, Dean saves Sam by showing him how to determine what’s real by pressing his right thumb into the stitched-up palm of his left hand.   See?  Family is all.

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