Pets Are People Too

♪♬Woh-oh, No Domino♫

(A riff on Van Morrison—if  your old enough to remember him, that is.)

The kitty search saga hit another snag; another adoption attempt has failed.  And I was this ->||<- close.  The way these rescue groups act, you’d think I beat and starve my cats.

Domino is a tuxedo cat with an adorable pink nose.
Aw, just look at that sweet face.

A couple weeks ago, I met Domino, an older kitty with a thyroid problem.  Fortunately, I’ve had experience with thyroid problems. Gigi had one, which we treated for two years.  Domino and I got along famously.  He let me hold him, he purred, and he even licked my finger.  And his foster mom was simply thrilled I wanted an older cat.  (She and I seemed to get along, too.)

But, I failed the vet check. It’s a long story that I’m sure no one is interested in.  Suffice it to say the rescue group thought I’d been untruthful in my application, and were concerned that Shadow hadn’t been to the vet in a very long time.

The “untruthful” thing was a misunderstanding on my part.  I thought I’d changed vets, but apparently they had treated Shadow’s last visit as an emergency.  And yes, Shadow hadn’t been to the vet in a long time.  Some of it was me railing against the Alexandria law to license your cat, some of it was the dread of trying to get Shadow into a carrier.  And while most of my vet time in the past few years had been dedicated to Gigi and Kimmi, if Shadow had been sick, he’d have seen the vet.  He’s just a healthy cat.

So, no Domino for me.  😦  I don’t feel too bad, because Domino’s life is pretty good.  He’s in a lovely foster home with a foster mom who loves him.

Romeo is also a tuxedo cat, but with long hair.
Aw, he’s scared. And much prettier in person.

So it’s been back to the shelters. After all, Gigi came from the Alexandria shelter, and Kimmi came from the Arlington shelter.  And today, I believe I’ve found a new love.  His name is Romeo.  He’s about the same age as Domino and also a tuxedo, but with longer hair.  In fact, he’s quite handsome.  His picture does not do him justice since he’s looks quite frightened.  He was  given to the shelter when his owner developed Alzheimer’s disease and had to go to a nursing home.  (This is one of the reasons I don’t want to adopt a kitten.  Who knows where I’ll be in 15-20 years.)

I could have taken Romeo today, but I didn’t have a carrier with me and I need to get a couple things set up at home.  But he’ll be here by the weekend—if no one else claims him, that is.

And since we’re speaking of the Alexandria shelter, check out this wonderful story of five kittens rescued from within the bowels of a fire truck.  (Let me know if the link isn’t working.  I’ll put the article here.)

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